GP Skitto Sim Internet Data Packages (updated)

GrameenPhone Skitto Sim Internet Packages! skitto is a digital product of grameenphone. Skitto SIM brought some exciting internet offers and packages for the customers. To know Skitto 4G Internet Offers, you should follow this article. GP Skitto SIM all time provides very Low Rate Internet Package Offers

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What are you looking for? if you are the looking for What is Skitto SIM internet Data Pack Rates, How to check Skitto Data Pack you should follow this post.

GP-Skitto SIM Internet Packs 2023 and Validity

All Skitto internet prices include All price includes 10% Supplementary Duty (SD), 5 % VAT & 1% surcharge. Internet Pack validity will start from when you active internet pack and run its full duration (example: if you buy a daily pack at 9pm today, it will expire at 9pm tomorrow, i.e. exactly on 24 hours validity pack). Let’s check Skitto SIM Internet Packs. Skitto data packs for all two kinds Weekly and Monthly based

Skitto Weekly 7 Days Validity Internet Packs :

  • 500MB @ 44tk, Validity 7 Days
  • 1.5GB @ 89tk , Validity 7 Days
  • 3GB @ 104tk , Validity 7 Days

Skitto Monthly 30 Days Validity Internet Packs :

  • 2GB @ 229tk , Validity 30 Days
  • 7GB @ 498tk , Validity 30 Days

Skitto Sim PROMO DEALS internet data packs using App

You can buy Special Date packs when you install Skitto App on your phone. Just Download the app and install it and enjoy following Data Pack on named PROMO DEALS page

  • ludur guti : 50MB for 2 tk with 3 days validity.
  • kata kati : 1GB for 24 tk with 3 days validity.
  • lukochuri : 3GB for 50 tk with 3 days validity.
  • borof pani : 1GB for 31 tk with 7 days validity.
  • biskut dour : 1.5GB for 37 tk with 7 days validity.
  • cycle race : 1GB for 50 tk with 30 days validity.
  • carom board : 2GB for 76 tk with 30 days validity.
  • pen fight : 3GB for 100 tk with 30 days validity.
  • golir cricket : 5GB for 150 tk with 30 days validity.
  • akashe ghuri : 8GB for 199 tk with 30 days validity.
  • raster football : 17GB for 289 tk with 30 days validity.
  • test match : 25GB for 399 tk with 30 days validity.
  • biscope 7 days ticket : 105MB for 7 tk with 7 days validity.

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Conditions :

  • To buy Skitto Internet packs install Skitto Apps from Play Store and Apps store
  • All data prices include 10% Supplementary Duty (SD), 5% VAT & 1% surcharge
  • There are NO auto-renewals
  • Any remaining data volume will NOT be carried forward
  • Video Pack can only be used to browse YouTube, BongoBD and PopcornLive.
  • If you want to browse other sites, you’ll need to have additional internet volume from regular packs

How to check internet pack balance and validity in skitto?

To check Skitto internet pack balance and validity, follow the steps below from Apps:

– use the slider menu to go to “data” section. then tap the circle to go to data details
– here you will see a breakdown of all your data packs

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